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Top Three Weird Traditions in Geneva

Geneva has no shortage of attractions, as the wonderfully complete package found here is difficult to match. Between its elegant, old-fashioned architecture, gorgeous nature, impressive museums and its underrated, yet respectable, nightlife, visiting it is a mandatory experience for anyone getting the chance.

With the look of a generally calm city, you wouldn’t expect the place to display any weird traditions, yet that it does. Continuing to surprise you at every step, there is a deep culture waiting to be discovered while you travel – traditions serve to give a real identity to the place. Before talking about some of them, let’s first answer a common question that we see from people that aim to visit Geneva.

What is the best way to reach my place of accommodation once I land at the airport?

While we have no problem recommending public transportation during your stay, using it after just arriving is a whole different story. More likely than not, you will be tired and stressed out after the flight – this when reaching your hotel room fast and comfortably becomes a priority.

It is this reason why we recommend using Geneva airport taxi services. These come to offer the best conditions, as you will no longer have to deal with the exhaustion caused by having to carry your luggage around and the worry that you will not understand the proper public transportation routes. Everything will be taken care of by professional services here, at surprisingly affordable prices for the quality offered. Once you are ready to discover the city, you may find these three traditions fascinating.

3 traditions that will surprise you in Geneva

  1. Flag throwing is a competitive sport

While it may sound like a casual hobby to some, flag throwing is an important part of various festivals held in the city. Competitions involving this activity are often a big point of interest, as it mixes patriotism and an unusual set of skills for truly engaging demonstrations.

Accompanied by Swiss folk music, participants perform dozens of regulated swings, throws and catches which are then rated by a jury of individuals that have a background in the sport.

  1. Yodeling is still going strong

This unusual form of singing is known throughout the world, with Switzerland definitely being one country to take the tradition seriously. With words that do not mean anything, it was originally used as a way of making yourself heard in mountain areas.

Festivals often bring yodeling choirs either for pure demonstration or for competitions, creating a cheerful atmosphere that any tourist should experience if given a chance.


  1. Alphorn, a strange musical instrument, is one of the national symbols

Folk festivals do not end with yodeling when it comes to unusual traditions. The alphorn, a huge wooden wind instrument, is often used to translate the powerful sounds that were once used to call animals into atmospheric music. Needless to say, as strange as the instrument looks, listening to what it can achieve is an essential part of an authentic experience.